Art Of Baking Pizza


Because since establishment in 2004, Now I Served Pizza is a pioneer in creating and sustaining a creative, user-friendly platform to satisfy the shopping need of professional food products. Presidency, potential buyers, and shop members work to ensure that we do have the service is available to our consumers.

why us

Are you looking to open a pizza shop or a bistro that serves pizza? Or, on the other hand, can you suggest you're hoping to develop your current business by filling a design delivery setup and tasks? Indeed, our dedicated pizza parlour area is ideal for individuals who are looking to start or expand their pizza shop exercises, so you've come to the right place. In conjunction with the pizza

OUR Product

Pizza Pan

Pizza Cutter

pizza Wheel

Pizza Peel

Pizza peels are used to quickly instal and remove pies from hot ovens. The bags are made of wood, and the 11″ blade will spray both small and deep.


In Our Area Your pizza products are best


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